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Hello! I have now added folders to our gallery! Please read the following closely about information of each folder:

Featured: DON'T SUBMIT HERE! I will decided what pictures get in this folder!

Knuckles x Rouge Fanart: Submit only Knuckles x Rouge art related stuff on here.

Knuckles: Submit ONLY Knuckles related art here!! Knuckles BY HIMSELF.

Rouge: Submit ONLY Rouge related art here!! Rouge BY HERSELF.

Comic/Doujinshis: Here you can submit your comics or doujinshis that are KNUCKLES X ROUGE related.

Pixal Art: Here you can submit your KNUCKLES X ROUGE pixal art!!

Cosplay: Here you may submit your KNUCKLES X ROUGE cosplay photos!

Mature Content: Here you can submit ANYTHING that's mature content of Knuckles x Rouge! ART, FANFICTION, ICONS, PIXAL ART, ANYTHING! AS LONG AS IT'S MATURE CONTENT!

Fanfiction: Here you may submit your KNUCKLES X ROUGE fanfiction ^^

Memes: Here you may submit your memes that are KNUCKLES X ROUGE related.

Misc: Here you can submit anything that may not fit in the folders above, but please, it has to be KNUCKLES X ROUGE related.

If you have any questions about submitting or are unsure which folder to submit, please let me know!

From now on if you submit into the wrong folder, I will decline your entry. For now, there's still no submission limit to how many submissions you may submit. Once the group gets bigger, I will make a limit.

If you have any questions, please just ask me ^^
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Submitted on
July 21, 2010